Terms and conditions. This is the fine print, but we will attempt to keep it simple in accordance with our goal of doing things “the easy way”.

  1. We ensure that our stock holdings are at economic levels.  This might mean that your ordered items are not currently in stock.
    1. We undertake to either refund you in full on request, or
    2. Bring in stock from OPEN MESH USA within 7 to 10 days.
    3. Prices will be fixed despite any changes to USD ZAR exchange rates
    4. If OPEN MESH is out of stock or there are any unforseen delays, we undertake to keep you informed during the process.
  2. We have set up a secure payment gateway utilising the services of “PayFast”.
    1. Payment can be made by credit card, or other methods utilised by PayFast.
    2. It must be understood that PayFast is a well supported and secure platform, but we utilise their services on a best effort basis.
  3. Please contact us at sales@shop.easymesh.co.za with any queries regarding your order or payment.
  4. Prior to delivery or your collection of the Goods, you may cancel an order at any time provided you do so before receiving a dispatch or delivery notice. After delivery or your collection of the Goods, you may return the Goods only in accordance with the Returns Policy.  We must ensure that the items are fully re-sellable before applying a return credit.
  5. OPEN MESH offers a 1-year warranty on their items.
    1. EASYMESH will generally honour the warranty once the goods have been returned to us for inspection and testing.
    2. Items that have been physically abused, subjected to excessive usage outside recommended parameters might not be accepted for warranty swap out by OPEN MESH or EASY MESH.
  6. The items are supplied as specified by the manufacturer and EASY MESH will not be liable for any warranty regarding fit for purpose or any losses or damage due to the usage of the items.
  7. EASY MESH will limit their liability for delays in delivery of back order items
    1. limited to optional cancellation of the order and refund of any amounts paid for the undelivered items.