POE 24V Gigabit, 0.5A

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24V 0.5A passive (small footprint)

This device is recommended for the OM2P external antenna device and PA300/PA300x devices

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This device is a “passive” POE injector – it provides a 24v, 1/2A (12W) power supply that’s recommended for Open Mesh OM2P series models. It replaces a 24V power supply with single passive PoE injector.

Important Note – This product can also power the A42 and A62 Series but we recommend the 48V-af POE for these devices.

This PoE is recommended for the PA300 and PA300X Plasma Cloud APs

Note – This power supply will not fit in the OM Series indoor wallplug enclosure. Use the US 12v power supply for that purpose.

Specifications 24V 0.5A passive power for OM2P and HS devices.
Input – 90-260VAC @ 47-63 Hz | Output – 24V 0.5A
NOTE: Note recommended for A42, and A62 devices